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i am all for movie night, at least when i get back. this one, maybe?
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and since i can't really make a whole summer list, i was thinking i'd follow the list theme and make one for the following month. also known as:

(what i have to do while in washington d.c.)
explore the city. whether i make good friends or not, i'm really hoping to work on my personal independence. i want to discover things, not just wait for them to happen. i want to figure things out and challenge myself and use this golden oppurtunity to really live on my own.

write down everything, describe my feelings. a lot of times i leave stuff out of my journal because i want to sound interesting, but i don't want to let that hold me back. i need to stop caring about admitting when i feel scared/far away/alone. 

draw. i've seen a lot of things already, and even if a lot of it was kind of boring/expected, there have been somethings that have been really inspiring. even the museums have little unexpected gems in them. like we went to the holocaust museum and they had all these drawings from little jewish children, picutres they'd drawn in the ghettos or in the concentration camps. i want to work on art, too, so we should encourage each other to stick to that. :)

learn a lot, soak it up. i guess this relates to exploring and becoming more independent, but i just want to get to know myself more, as well as more about the world? that sounds pretty nerdy, but oh well. actually, it sounds kind of traveling pants-y, hahaha.

this list will probably be added to.